The Far Rings (a free Visual Novel game)

A Space Opera Visual Novella

Full version

completely free! 

Featuring original story, art, music, and sound!



a SHORT, FREE visual novel



Mystery, tragedy, drama, oh my!

Choose your path

in this short, densely-packed space opera

where our characters take center stage . . .

Play as Doctor Athena, a passionate young woman of mixed blood. As the sole survivor of a terrible incident, she is now being escorted 'home' on the small warship the Ithaca.


Three days remain on the trip—with only the ship's unsettlingly polite captain and a cryptic alien war criminal for company. But is everything really as it seems? Uncover their secrets as Athena decides where she truly belongs.


Immerse yourself  for an evening wandering the warship Ithaca. Choose to keep company with Military Captain Odysseus or Alien Prisoner Chiron as you navigate through lies and truth. With what consequences will your path lie?



  • A 25,000+ word script

  • Truly meaningful choices

  • Over half-a-dozen endings

  • Point-and-click game elements

  • Original art, backgrounds, music, and sound

  • One full playthrough may reach 3-4 hours

  • OFFICIAL Steam-version release

  • Professional partial voice-over work

  • New, fully-fleshed-out TRUE END branch path

  • New illustrated CG scenes

Release Schedule


DEMO Available Now!

The original demo, created during Global Game Jam 2019, is available free to play on for PC, Mac, and Linux *HERE*.

version 1.0 oct 05 2019!

Complete version of The Far Rings to be released on Steam and, including updated art, over half-a-dozen endings, and 2 CG illustrations in an 'Original Version (1.0)' launch, free to play!


COMING this fall!!!

Extras are planned to be added such as partial voice-over work and an additional TRUE ENDING branch! This major update, the 'True Final Version (2.0)'.