The Far Rings (a free Visual Novel game)




Born and raised in Aeaea with an Ogygian ‘mother’ and Aeaean father. She is passionate and hot-tempered, but she also has a strong sense of justice and a natural compulsion to help and protect others.


Athena was a doctor volunteering to aid Ogygian refugees on the Far Rings for the past two years of the war. However, a recent incident has forced her to leave quite abruptly...

Captain Odysseus

The young Aeaean military captain of the small warship Ithaca.


He is a well-respected, model soldier, following orders and protocol to the letter. In his professional capacity, he is polite but cool-mannered.


But beneath the surface, Captain Odysseus hides a few secrets.


An Ogygian war prisoner, though they don’t look terribly warrior-like. Chiron confessed to causing the incident that caused Athena to leave Ogygia. However, Athena can't help but suspect that there is more to their story.


Chiron appears cool, smug, and tight-lipped, and is above all disdainful of Aeaeans.



Ogygia (oh-JIH-jee-ah) is a planet known for the beautiful blue-purple colors of the rings.  Ogygians are a non-binary people with a strong sense of fellowship. They live on the Near and Far Rings of the planet, rather than its surface. The Far Rings have recently been victims of Aeaea's invasion.



The Aeaean Empire (ae-EE-en) is a powerful, totalitarian monolith that has become increasingly aggressive and militaristic in recent years. Their latest target has been the Far Rings of the planet Ogygia.


The humanitarian organization I.T.O.H. (Intergalactic Travelers Offering Healthcare) is based in Aeaea, but their stated goals are to offer relief aid to various races and planets without prejudice. Athena was a volunteer member of this group's Ogygian refugee site branch.